Most people consider healing in terms of recovery from a physical ailment or illness. In reality, healings can come in all forms and occur on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual. Ailments or conditions on one level are often connected to imbalances on other levels. All healing involves a state of balance and coherence. Each person’s healing is unique, as each of us has our own independent perfection.

A Reconnective Healing is an encounter with a new expanded bandwidth of healing frequencies available on the planet. Scientifically proven, this spectrum of healing frequencies encompasses all previously known energy healing modalities and more. Comprised of energy, light and information, when information carried through the Reconnective Healing frequencies is introduced, it creates coherence, order, and a greater harmony and balance within us.

Healings can come in all forms and occur on all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The Reconnective Healing frequencies has its own intelligence and always works in your best interest, providing what is most appropriate for you at this particular time on your life journey.

The best way to allow for a healing is to proceed in a state of expectancy, without specific expectations or attachment to results.

“Your healing may come in the form you anticipate…..Or, it may come in a form you haven’t even dreamed of, one that the universe has designed specifically for you.” – Dr. Eric Pearl

Each person’s experience of a Reconnective Healing is unique. The experience during a session can vary between one session and another. Some people notice change immediately while for others the effects of a Reconnective Healing becomes apparent over time. Normally, one to three sessions are scheduled. After this the process should be given time and allowed to unfold in your life.

“There’s something quite magical about this. I’m both inspired and humbled to observe the energy, light and information interact directly with the client. You can sense the innate intelligence of the process, delivering specifically what will most benefit the client at that time. It is the purest form of healing I have ever worked with.” – Karen Wilson

The healing session is facilitated hands-off while you relax face up, fully clothed, on a massage table. You will be asked to close your eyes and ‘let go’ to become the observer and simply notice. You do not need to focus on the healing, it is actually better if you just allow.