Where did the name Changing Willows come from?

To get to know each other a bit better, I thought I would share the background of the company name ‘Changing Willows’ and its logo.

All life is precious. While I cherish this lifetime, I also believe I have been here before and will likely be back again.  Following that philosophy, while I’m a born and bred Aussie this time around, I know I have a strong connection to Native American culture.   If I hear native drumming I am almost instantly transported somewhere else. My feet want to move and it’s all I can do to stop myself chanting.

Willow is used as a clan symbol in some Native American cultures. Tribes with Willow Clans include the Hope tribe, the Navajo, the Apache and the Pueblo tribes of New Mexico.

Willow has medicinal properties.  Willow tree bark contains salicylic acid, a basic ingredient of modern-day aspirin that is still in use today.  In the past, people chewed the bark of the willow tree to treat fever, inflammation, and pain.

In my work, I blend scientific strategies with intuition and am often guided by spirit or given information from spirit to pass onto clients. The willow tree was also believed to be a bridge between this world and others so fits perfectly with my working style.

As a young child, I remember playing under and climbing my favourite tree in the front yard where we lived. You guessed it, a willow tree. A few years later, as a teenager with a surname of Wilson, one of my nicknames at school was – Willow.

When I first considered a company name I was not consciously aware of any of this information. Over a number of weeks, this ‘willow’ information kept being bought to my attention until it was clear that the word willow was significant and should be used.

The world is changing. We are changing. So many people are experiencing discontent and a sense of disconnection. Helping people make a change, reconnect with their true nature and experience more joy in their life is my purpose.  It’s what I love to do.

And there you have it, combine changing with willows and the name ‘Changing Willows’ was born.

The logo is simple but full of symbology. The colours are significant. Green is the colour of healing, harmony, balance, learning and growth. Green is also the colour of the heart chakra (energy centre in the body). The heart chakra is the central point in our body that connects our earthly existence with our eternal essence.

Purple represents wisdom, power and spirituality. Purple is the colour of the crown chakra at the top of your head. It represents a connection to the collective consciousness, knowledge and understanding. The heart shape represents my philosophy that true happiness is found in living a heart centred life.

So the logo shows a person who is coming from their heart. As they move forward in harmony and balance they learn, grow and shift from green to purple as they gain the wisdom and power that comes from embracing their connection with spirit.

I hope you enjoyed a behind the scenes look at the naming of the site. Now that you know a bit more about me, I look forward to the chance to meet and help you move forward on your journey.