What does it mean to live on purpose?

We live such busy lives today. This does not, however, guarantee that we are living on purpose.  Every day people get up and go to school, work and other activities with no real connection to what they are doing.

Even if you are good at what you do and successful at it, that does not necessarily mean you are living on purpose. I believe this is one reason so many people today feel adrift, unfulfilled and empty.

So what does it mean to live on purpose? People often get bogged down trying to determine exactly what that is. They look for it in a particular job, relationship or other specific roles. Your purpose is more far-reaching than any one thing.

Jack Canfield put if nicely when he said, ‘For most people, their life purpose has to do with expressing their natural qualities, in a way they love, to help bring about their ideal world.’ Let’s take a closer look at that.

Living on purpose involves expressing and sharing your uniqueness with the world in a way that you love. No-one else can live your life your way. The first step to discover your purpose is to determine the qualities you most value in life? Perhaps it’s courage, love, security, or respect.  What qualities do you most enjoy experiencing in the world?  Personally, some of my favourites are joy, connection, and compassion.

Once you know what is important to you, look at how you enjoy expressing those things in your life. What mediums do you use to create and share your favourite qualities with others? I express those qualities by teaching and inspiring others through my book, coaching, healing, speaking, and workshops.

Next, what would the world look like if it were operating perfectly according to you? In my world, people recognise, embrace and enjoy their own unique experience of life and create a life they love.

If you combine these three elements you will get a clearer picture of what your purpose is. In my example, my life purpose is to teach and inspire people to embrace and enjoy their life in the context of compassion and connection.

Do this short exercise for yourself. Once you establish your life purpose statement, use it as a guide. Consider all the ways you can express your purpose in your life. That includes in your career, hobbies, relationships and the people and places where you spend time.

Set goals for yourself that align with your life purpose.  Work required to fulfil your purpose and reach those goals then becomes more natural and enjoyable.  When you make decisions and take action that aligns with your purpose you feel connected, on track and in flow. This is how to create a life that has a sense of meaning, significance, and contribution. This is how you live your life on purpose.