Two little words that can have a massive impact on your happiness are ‘if’ and ‘when.’ When these two words are attached to your vision of happiness you relinquish your ability to be happy in the moment. I will be happy when I win the lotto. I will be happy when I find my perfect partner. I would be happy if I lost ten kilos. Fixating on the idea that happiness is dependent on things, situations, and circumstances outside of yourself is extremely limiting.

Happiness is not found in external things. Happiness is a state found within you that you bring to the situations and circumstances of your life. It is specific to you, available always and applied by you in your life as you choose. To create and coax more of your happiness out into the world recognise that everything in your life has relevance and serves a purpose.

From this perspective, you view your life circumstances very differently and see both the good bits and the challenging bits as part of a bigger picture. You see that it’s all good, meaningful and worthwhile. Your life is a unique example of perfect imperfection. Embrace that to infuse more happiness into your life every day.

Excerpt of Article in Your Tango

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