‘On holiday in Western Australia, I sat in the backyard of a friend’s house gazing at the night sky. It was still and clear with stars that looked like fairy lights on a Christmas tree. As I enjoyed the moment, from behind me someone spoke, “You are not learning this for yourself.” “Learning what” was the first thing I thought as I turned around to see who’d spoken. There was no one there. Having just cracked my first can of ouzo and coke for the evening I knew it wasn’t the drink talking so the next thing I wondered was “who said that?” The voice was crystal clear and very matter-of-fact. The remark was totally random and thinking about it the only thing I could connect it to was a Reflexology course I had recently completed. That was in 2002 and it’s the first recollection I have of hearing this voice. In hindsight, it was a pivotal moment. It’s as if that one comment opened the door for me to connect with Spirit on a whole new level.

Since making itself known fifteen years ago this is a voice I’ve come to know well. I’ve never been one to stand on ceremony and communicating with it is no exception. I don’t feel the need to establish its name or what it looks like and it doesn’t seem bothered by that. Occasionally it speaks out of the blue like it did on that very first night. It draws my attention to something or suggests something I should do. Other times when I’m thinking about something it pipes up with an opinion. It guides me, prompts me, and occasionally even laughs at me. While sometimes it can sound quite stern it is always loving, supportive and instructional.

Over the years and since that night in Scarborough, my connection to Spirit has grown. Back then I already knew that I wanted to transition from corporate work to a career in healing of some type. Various courses and alternative therapies started to catch my eye. Not a fan of hitting the books I often resisted but like a petulant child who kicks and screams the entire way I was drawn there anyway. Over the years I studied an assortment of physical alternative therapies and energy healing. At the same time, I explored the world of Spirit and our connection to it. This was a whole new world and I was like a kid in a candy shop. Not only did I regularly speak with my old friend but at times it appeared there were others. Often I would sense a group or some type of panel giving counsel or encouragement. I was happy here. Coming to understand that I exist far beyond the physical and connecting to that part of me that was connected to everything. Life looks very different from this perspective. It creates a balance between the often chaotic pace and challenges of life and the magical mix of expansion and calm that connecting to Spirit brings.

So I spent time developing this connection. In psychic circles, I learnt to read the energy of other people. People who had passed over connected with me and conveyed messages to give to loved ones still here. I developed a relationship with Spirit that was fun and informative. Spirit provides access to information on a completely different level. I have learnt to trust that information and now use it daily in my personal life.

In 2007 no-one was more surprised than me when I signed up to study NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). It is the science of how we store and access information in our brain and how the language of our brain affects our lives. After attending an introduction weekend three times, yes three, I filled in the form and handed it and my credit card details to the administration staff. Paying a deposit for the course I walked to my car berating myself the entire way. What had I just done? Why had I just done it? What on earth was I doing taking on study involving the mind? I was working with Spirit. It made no sense to me at all and I was so angry with myself, I was fuming! All I wanted to do was to turn around, go back inside, say it was a mistake and ask them to please withdraw my enrolment. Something prevented me doing that so I left.

Approximately one month later as I sat in the class mentally stewing over the benefits of this course and why I was there a large transparent piece of a jigsaw puzzle floated down from above and hovered directly out in front of me. This was another way that Spirit now chose to pass on information. I would sometimes see transparencies of objects, scenes or words for a short time. This time it was a puzzle piece. The class was in full swing and the facilitator was speaking but I tuned out and focused on the jigsaw piece. It rotated slowly and then stopped with a slight clunk, as though it had found its exact spot and completed a picture. In that moment as I looked at it the reason I was in the room became very clear. This ‘mind’ study had been a missing piece of my own picture. With it, I would have the ability to assist people on all levels, body, mind and Spirit. As this realisation sank in I felt all resistance to the course dissolve and the puzzle piece faded then was gone. You probably guessed it, the course was actually fantastic. It appears this was just another example of Spirit dragging me kicking and screaming to something that was hugely beneficial for me personally and would also enhance my work with others.

I now know that I have always been watched over by Spirit. The benefits of developing a closer relationship with it are enormous. Whether I am given advice, get shown images or simply feel its presence, I know it is always there. Like a trusted advisor or support network Spirit is ready to offer assistance and guidance at a moment’s notice. I have spent years learning to recognise, accept and act on this guidance. Wanting only the best for you it presents circumstances and nudges you towards your purpose. My experience has been that any resistance is met with patience, persistence and love.

Ultimately remembering that each and every one of us is a unique expression of Spirit is liberating. This frees you to get on with your life, the life that only you can lead. There is nothing more fulfilling than acknowledging this, accepting it and stepping up to be who you are here to be.

Those original words spoken over fifteen years ago now make perfect sense. These days a connection with Spirit is woven into my life each and every day. I access its support and wisdom for myself and in the healing work, I do for clients. Importantly, learning to make that connection is not something that was just for me. Others can be taught to do this for themselves. With a work history as a facilitator, it was a perfect fit. Teach people how to make their own connection with Spirit. From there they can access support and guidance and recognise their own power and potential to create their lives.

I get it now. Amazing that one little comment can unfold in my life in such a way. My relationship with Spirit, as with all relationships, continues to evolve and grow. It seems so natural yet remarkable at the same time. These days when I’m given advice I no longer wonder “who said that?’ I listen, smile and say “thank you old friend.”

Contributing Author: Angels, Guides and Goosebumps by Kawena Gordon (Global Publishing 2017)